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History Of Canada

The first people in Canada were the native Indians. They lived in Canada for a long time. They lived by there own traditions. They mainly lived in Yukon and South of Ontario. The Europeans were the second people to come to Canada. They arrived about after AD 1000.The English Established fishing outposts in the province of Newfoundland around 1605. War started in-between the time of 1689 and 1763.Nova Scotia came under the rule of the British with the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) the Treaty of Parris (1763) ceded most Canada and most of New France to Britain following the seven year of war. In 1769 Prince Edward Island became a separate colony. New Brunswick was split from Nova Scotia as part of reorganization Loyalist settlements in the maritime. Canada was a major front in the war of 1812 between the United States and the British Empire. In 1800 fur trading is not that common. The British North America act brought about Confederation creating “one Dominion under the name Canada” on July1, 1864 with four provinces Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Canada assumed control of the Rupert’s Land and the North Western Territory to Create North West Territory. The Province Manitoba was created in 1870.British Colombia and Vancouver Island (which was united in 1866) and the colony of Prince Edward Island joined the confederation in1871 and respectively in 1873. In 1898, after the Klondike Gold Rush his Northwest Territories, the Canadian government decided to create the Yukon Territory separate territory in the region to better control the situation. Canada enters World War 1&2.Other Provinces join in Canada and Canada becomes A  big nation.